Put Your Cloud Strategy­ on Solid Ground

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Are you ready to learn the four keys to an enterprise cloud strategy?

In this 40-minute webinar, Forrester Senior Analyst Brent Ellis talks cloud adoption and modernization strategies—including platforms, practices and partners—using the Forrester Cloud Strategy Fundamentals model.

NTT DATA Vice President of Cloud Transformation Emily Lewis-Pinnell joins in to share real-life examples of enterprises that have undergone their own cloud adoption programs and ways to design the best strategies to avoid common pitfalls.

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You’ll learn:

  • How to ground your cloud strategy by answering four key questions
  • What you should know about cloud drivers, challenges and overcoming hurdles
  • How to address four primary enterprise strategies
  • What are the pros and cons of modernization approaches
  • How to address headless, low-code, and containers
  • What partners accelerate your journey and maximize value

Brent Ellis

Senior Analyst


Brent serves infrastructure and operations leaders, providing holistic thinking about enterprise problems. He aims to help clients find the right mix of technologies, processes and people to maximize their goals and provide the unique value they have to the world. He is particularly focused on reliable and resilient IT services, storage, cloud infrastructure adoption, the future of work pertaining to IT professionals and the evolving nature of I&O.


Emily Lewis-Pinnell

Vice President and Practice Leader, Cloud Services

NTT DATA Services

Emily has worked with hundreds of clients across a broad range of platforms, technologies and tools, helping them transform their IT environments and successfully plan, migrate and manage their businesses in the cloud. She has 20 years of IT industry experience in software development, operations, marketing, corporate strategy, portfolio management and sales.