Digital human

Service With a Smile: Introducing the Digital Human

Accessible anywhere, on any device. Digital humans are cloud rendered and available on any internet-connected device

  • Conversations are a breeze; interruptions are eliminated with engaging customer interaction through advanced microphone technology with high-quality natural voice interaction
  • Ensure privacy. Digital humans use a combination of camera and microphone to ensure they listen only when customers are actively speaking to them
  • Always patient, never stressed. The digital human is empathetic, positive and provides a consistent positive interaction every time.
  • Memory equipped. Once customers share something about themselves and their preferences, digital humans will remember it the next time a customer interacts with them
  • Mirror communication styles. Digital humans know the difference between a cheery message and a serious message, and will utilize facial expressions that match the mood
  • Get a smile back. Digital humans can see if customers look happy, sad or angry, and respond with a suitable expression
  • Our Services

    Defense & Intelligence

    Deploy responsive technology solutions delivered at the speed of the mission to prepare, protect and defend the nation.

    Finance & Administration

    Leverage centralized, innovative and immediate services for everything from IT systems operations and maintenance support to device as a service options.

    Labor, Commerce & Workforce Development

    Provide effective support to citizens by addressing the complexities of unemployment insurance claims, wage determinations and other critical services.

    Energy, Exploration & Environmental

    Drive innovation and ideas to improve future government.

    Health & Human Services

    Leverage our expertise in the vast intricacies of the commercial healthcare journey while tapping into our knowledge and experience with public health.

    Homeland & National Security

    Evolve, innovate and transform IT to improve operations and better protect the nation.

    Law Enforcement & Criminal Justice

    Deliver cost-effective, efficient solutions in support of law enforcement, public safety and criminal justice.

    Public Sector Contract Vehicles

    Procure IT easily and quickly through a variety of federal, state and local contracting vehicles.

    Government Consulting & Advisory

    Leverage technologies to optimize operations, streamline processes and increase speed.

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