Global supply chain planning experts. Tailored demand and supply planning solutions.

With a global presence across North America, Europe and Asia, our demand and supply planning team and capabilities deliver the outcomes you want.

Our fit-for-purpose paradigm focuses on your objectives – from sales and demand forecasting and balancing demand and supply plans to increasing cross-functional alignment and operational efficiency – all while amplifying ROI. We tailor solutions to your needs and employ best-in-class accelerating assets. We take a case-by-case approach to solution development by leveraging our extensive expertise and proven methods to arrive at fact-based strategies.

With a core philosophy centered around a deep understanding of your business and planning requirements, our expert demand and supply planning practitioners work closely with your team to identify gaps and key opportunities, develop roadmaps for planning transformation, employ market-leading analytics techniques and data visualization, and improve your planning processes and technology solutions.

Improve your supply chain through intelligent demand forecasting and inventory optimization.

The supply chain transformation journey begins with understanding your portfolio to generate accurate statistical forecasts and effective stocking strategies. Our proprietary segmentation techniques are based on the characteristics of your portfolio. Our advanced analytics services are designed to enable confident decision making so you can focus on what is important – servicing your customers, reducing your costs and maximizing your profitability.

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