The AWS Service Delivery Program (SDP) is an easy way for an AWS client to find a trusted partner with validated experience, technical knowledge and AWS product specializations. Qualified AWS partners have early access to new product roadmaps, direct engagement with AWS experts and co-funding opportunities, enabling our clients to ensure greater success of their AWS investments. Below is a sample of some of the SDP validations that we’ve earned.

Amazon Aurora

With cloud-based databases, scalability and security are vital. Amazon Aurora offers automated provisioning, backup, recovery, failure detection and repair, reducing maintenance requirements and freeing resources for innovation, making it a preferred database solution for successful AWS implementations.

Our experienced AWS consultants build high-performance, self-healing and scalable solutions for increased agility. We help you achieve high availability, failover, backup and disaster recovery services, lower maintenance requirements with a fully managed database service.

How Our Clients Put Aurora Into Action

Amazon CloudFront

NTT DATA's experienced AWS consultants can help you integrate CloudFront with other cloud-native services to accelerate content delivery, decrease server load, and improve performance while ensuring content is securely delivered to end users.

CloudFront's ability to cache content in multiple edge locations means faster response times and low latency, which reduces bounce rates and increases user engagement. Leverage CloudFront's features to provide a seamless user experience and drive business growth.

Our Amazon CloudFront Success Stories

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud

With extensive experience in Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) infrastructure, we help in developing secure cloud-first applications using resizable compute capacity with web-scale infrastructure.

Our global experts help you optimize the AWS Cloud by developing architectures that are secure and scalable, whether migrating existing applications or starting with a greenfield opportunity. We can guide you on the best EC2 compute choices for unique needs to maximize the value of your AWS Cloud.

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AWS CloudFormation 

Are you tired of struggling with manual processes and inconsistent IT infrastructure management? Do you want faster and more reliable delivery pipelines without incurring higher costs? We have the solution for you: AWS CloudFormation. Our services enable extreme automation of AWS components through Infrastructure as Code (IaC), which standardizes the creation of AWS resources for enhanced security and reduced risk.

AWS CloudFormation is a key tool in the configuration management toolset that provides a common language to describe and provision infrastructure. Our AWS-certified consultants can help create templates that configure and automate infrastructure, supporting DevOps processes such as fast, reliable continuous delivery pipelines. This automation reduces manual errors and increases efficiency, allowing for faster innovation and easier version management.

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Amazon Redshift

Unleash your data’s potential with Amazon Redshift. The cutting-edge, fully managed data warehousing solution offers lightning-fast analysis of massive volumes. Scale effortlessly, from GBs to PBs, ensuring your growing needs are met. Redshift simplifies data processing through SQL queries and seamless integration with S3, RDS, and DynamoDB.

Redshift’s flexible scaling and pricing options optimize costs without compromising performance. Boost productivity with intelligent workload management, query monitoring, and efficient data distribution.

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AWS Config 

Configuration drift can happen, even in the most consistent shops. We help you constantly monitor your environment to ensure your configurations stay in a known, good, compliant state. And we help you achieve compliance as code.

Our certified AWS consultants can help you achieve continuous compliance to desired configuration states, meeting internal standards and regulatory requirements. See how we can help you meet your development, production and security configuration goals.

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AWS Web Application Firewall 

Attacks against Web applications continue to rise. Security is critical to protecting your corporate IP and client data. Protect the customer experience with AWS Web Application Firewall (WAF).

We help you construct custom rules to meet the needs of incoming traffic – and they can be written as Infrastructure as Code (IaC) and deployed in conjunction with a CI/CD pipeline to ensure automatic execution. Automate AWS security best practices with these cloud-native services.

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