Mergers & Acquisitions: Critical Success Dimensions

NTT DATA’s on-demand webinar “Mergers & Acquisitions Critical Success Dimensions “features a panel of M&A experts sharing their thoughts on several critical dimensions for success.



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A year of nonstop merger and acquisition and divestiture activity in 2021 saw a decline in 2022. What will 2023 bring?

Our on-demand webinar features a panel of M&A experts sharing their thoughts on critical dimensions for success — technological, business, culture, workforce, customer, risk and regulation, or some combination. While every acquisition, merger or divestiture is different, the most common dimensions apply, regardless of the size or strategy, or whether they are sequential (one at a time) or multi (several going on at once). That’s why your strategy must be interdependent throughout the M&A journey.

Watch this discussion on the critical dimensions of the M&A journey and discover how to respond in the coming year.

What You’ll Learn:

  • The top three critical dimensions for success
  • Examples of how and why these dimensions are interdependent
  • Common challenges related to each dimension
  • Solutions to overcome common challenges and seize new M&A opportunities

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