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Join NTT DATA at the Best Practices for Chemicals event, a conference that will delve into the latest solutions to the SAP chemicals community. The chemicals industry is drastically evolving through a collision of forces. Business models have accelerated with a shifted focus on the customer, massive consolidations and M&A’s changing the leader board, digitization revamping antiquated business processes, and cyber security threats forcing companies to develop contingency plans for the unexpected. Best Practices for Chemicals powers industry leaders to collaborate, share, and learn together as the entire community faces these challenges head on. We’ll be there, ready to discuss the latest strategies and innovations to keep you ahead of the competition.

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Wednesday, March 6, 2019 · 2:15 PM - 3:05 PM Presenters:

Andy Penton, Senior Director of IT, Celanese

Varun Dhawan, Associate Director, NTT DATA Services

Transform Without Disruption to Operations: Managing Multiple Interfaces and Integrating Legacy Systems at Celanese

In late 2017, Celanese Corporation acquired Omni Plastics. The acquisition and integration of Omni Plastics into Celanese’s IT presented challenging opportunities that turned into success stories. Various projects were initiated, including SAP ERP and network/DaaS migration. The strategy of moving quickly and integrating Omni into the overall Celanese operating model enabled Celanese to drive savings and bring its new and existing customers and shareholders expedited value.

A key success measure was that the entire acquisition and integration of the new entity must be performed without any business disruption. This required a focus on three pillars: people, processes, and technology. They began by forming a “Core Interface Team,” which allowed for rapid collective decisions on what should be integrated. A clear and transparent communication plan was put into place among stakeholders. Detailed cutover plans and execution scripts were built to assure flawless execution. Comprehensive audit and analysis confirmed success upon completion.

Key Business Benefits:

  • Complete visibility across supply chain
  • Greater control of inventory levels by integrated planning through integrated systems
  • Greater flexibility on sourcing raw materials
  • Consolidation and deepening of core enterprise roles