Get Back to Being Back: Work, School, Life

What’s next? That’s what we’re going to discover. Together. COVID-19 has presented a set of challenges to every industry and disrupted nearly every facet of life. What happens next is the transition from life as we once knew it, to working, learning and growing in a technology-forward environment.

Let’s reimagine workspaces, improve methods of communicating and innovate with new lines of business, streamline operations and discover new ways to reduce spending while maximizing productivity. Let’s do a lot of changing from the old way of doing things, to the new. It’s the Big Pivot.

Return with Confidence

Back to Business

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Back to Campus

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We know remote work and learning is here to stay. Realizing the potential of remote work and collaboration and overcoming technical obstacles is a priority.

An idea born from the desire to build smarter, more connected cities, Accelerate Smart is now helping clients get back to the workplace amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. The smart technology uses IoT, edge computing, advanced data analytics and mobile technologies to facilitate contact tracking and COVID testing, temperature checks and mask compliance and enables organizations return safely to work using our Accelerate Smart Solutions.

The Evolving Workplace: Where Do You Sit?

Back to business has never held more meaning. There are many questions — and just as many answers. When is the right time to return? How can employees stay safe? Should employees go back to the office full time? Or should you adopt a blended model? As you reimagine your workplace to meet the demands of your business and employees, our comprehensive Dynamic Workplace solution is here to help you. Foster collaboration, balance employee experience and expectation and ensure security for your workplace and workforce. Explore our rapid, secure and cost-effective workforce solutions.

Prioritize Safety and Security

Security threats are increasing in frequency worldwide. We help you keep your workplace safe, whether you’re working remote or from the office, with our identity and access management services, zero trust model, and network and endpoint IoT and OT solutions. Continuously keep your enterprise safe with our intelligent security solution. Read more about our Zero Trust pandemic response to securing a successful workforce.

Capable and Confident in the Cloud

Business speed and agility are indispensable during the global pandemic and will be a pivotal factor during the recovery. The last thing any organization can afford during these times is IT sprawl. Unlock the hidden value of Cloud and accelerate business with our Cloud Transformation Services.

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Have Confidence in Customer PPP Loan Forgiveness.

Our Intelligent Data Capture for PPP Processing helps financial services organizations quickly, effectively and efficiently ensure loans meet federal mandates and get forgiven.


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Shamlan Siddiqi, our public sector CTO, explores the impact of IoT on data, security and the future.

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A Safer Ride

In one northern European city, NTT is developing a public transportation solution that will enhance commuter safety, security and convenience during the COVID-19 pandemic. The solution delivers predictive notifications of occupancy rates and emergency situations and enables reservation planning. This predictive deep-learning technology, which uses multiple sources of raw data input and easy-to-use interfaces, is designed to offer commuters a new level of assurance.


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Manufacturing 4.0 Transformation

Manufacturing 4.0 is here. Are you ready? Success requires strategic planning, partnerships and investment—but smarter, faster and simpler business operations make it well worth the effort.

Our point of view paper explores the leadership role IT must play in all the stages of manufacturing transformation. We also share enablers, challenges and the three steps you should take to achieve your Manufacturing 4.0 goals.


The Pandemic’s Implications on Healthcare: The New Patient Experience