Gain Insights Into Precision Medicine in Clinical Trials

Precision medicine is transforming clinical trials. That’s why NTT DATA commissioned an Informa Pharma Intelligence survey that asked senior IT executives and research and development experts about the issues and challenges in applying precision medicine to clinical trials. The study also explored ways to apply these insights and leverage the full benefits of precision medicine.

The study captured vital insights into:

  • How the use of precision medicine is influencing the design and execution of clinical trials
  • How using precision medicine can result in more efficient, cost-effective clinical trials
  • How precision medicine will help deliver measurable value from therapeutic interventions across health systems
  • The technologies that will support the future use of precision medicine

Learn how precision medicine tools can drive more efficient, cost-effective trials that bring real value and innovation to the therapeutic landscape—and what NTT DATA is doing to raise the bar for sourcing, integrating, analyzing and customizing valuable data assets to support precision medicine strategies in clinical trials.

screenshot of gated precision medicine report