Four Strategies to Create Lasting Connections with Millennial and Gen Z Customers

Times are changing, and a new generation of insurance buyers need coverage. Millennial and Gen Z consumers are looking for companies that excel at communication, are easy to use and provide the right products at the right time in their lives.

To meet these needs, most insurers are working to transition from a “purchase and renewal” model to “predict and provide” – all while keeping up on data privacy, contending with ongoing economic concerns and implementing emerging technology.

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Our eBook delves into four key areas that Life & Annuity carriers should be focused on to engage the next generation of customers, as well as what to stop doing, what to do differently, and what to start doing now. Download your copy today!

What You’ll Learn:

  • Customer engagement through omnichannel interaction
  • AI-Enabled Personalized Experiences
  • Balancing Human Interaction with AI and Automation
  • Considering ESG as part of the customer experience