Data Governance Tools Comparative Analysis

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Data governance is the backbone of any enterprise architecture – and it’s critical to stay on top of change, whether that’s a new approach, architecture or technology. Fortunately, our data experts have done the heavy lifting for you.

Our data experts have spent countless hours of research and testing to evaluate three highly rated tools – from top to bottom – to create our Data Governance Tools Comparative Analysis.

Let us help you make an informed decision by scheduling a 1:1 review of our analysis today.

In your no-strings, no pressure meeting you’ll learn:

  • The methodology we use to compare the features of data governance tools in the modern ecosystem, focusing on Alation, Atlan and DataHub
  • How to make sense of the significant overlap and confusion between governance categories in the Snowflake ecosystem
  • We’ll address your key issues around metadata management and data catalog, data observability and monitoring, data discovery and lineage, as well as ensuring data quality and usability

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