ServiceNow ayuda al sistema de atención médica a allanar el camino para su personal

Durante más de 60 años, un sistema público de atención médica se ha ostentado como el sistema de referencia al atender a los pacientes con tratamientos de primera y la tecnología médica más moderna. Este enfoque específico y reflexivo ha consolidado su reputación como uno de los sistemas de atención médica más completos y avanzados del mundo.

Una vez que la organización ya estaba equipada con la solución de gestión de servicios de tecnologías de la información (ITSM) de ServiceNow, comenzó a explorar las capacidades HRSD de la plataforma. En un principio, se planteó una implementación más amplia como parte de una hoja de ruta de transformación de RR. HH., pero se enfrentó al último reto de 2020: atender a los clientes durante el punto más alto de la pandemia de COVID-19.

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Necesidad empresarial

It was time for a change. For this leading healthcare system, HR processes were overly manual, requiring key resources to fulfill simple tasks. Recognizing a need to rethink HR service delivery, the healthcare system’s leaders saw the existing ServiceNow platform as an enabler for HR transformation.

The organization turned to NTT DATA, a longtime partner, to embark on the project — a scalable design to enable modern capabilities for employee services. More specifically, they sought a solution that would maximize centralization and streamline delivery support models for manager and employee personas.

The goal? Automation, self-service and the consumerization of the employee experience for a modern service delivery model.


  • Lays the foundation for establishing tiered HRSD routing and streamlines HR services access to improve employee satisfaction
  • Automates HR service request processes with HRSD case management to improve the end-user experience, reduce manual processes and support an HR shared service center vision
  • Demonstrates quick wins with Tier 0 support and centralizes inquiry intake through the Employee Service Center
  • Increases internal communication and transparency with HR Knowledge management and empowers employees to request HR Services through an HR Service Catalog
  • Integrates the solution with an existing payroll system


The final solution included several out-of-the-box HR services, including HRSD case management with HR services for HRIS and benefits teams, knowledge management and a payroll integration with the addition of 10 fields to the existing integration.

Laser-focused on growth and learning

This foundational approach was a great fit for the organization as it ventured into the HRSD space for the first time. In fact, the organization immediately recognized the value of the solution and requested a six-week extension of a standard two-week hyper care period and supplementary enablement sessions for HR teams.

This extended hyper care support allowed employees to become well versed and confident in the software, ensuring they fully understood how the platform worked before assuming independent management of their new solution.

This project is also a prime example of how HR projects differ from other ServiceNow projects. Specifically, HRSD projects require care and attention to the details of the requirements, technical details, support, and follow-up around user testing.

IT and HR as the ultimate dynamic duo

The partnership between the organization’s HR and IT teams was critical to success. HRSD projects require expanded coordination with IT resources that play an important role in platform ownership. While the IT team wasn’t involved in the day-to-day work, it was consistently looped into the overall change management throughout the project timeline. HR and IT teams supported one another and communicated proactively. This strong working relationship ensured a smooth and speedy communication and planning process, minimizing bumps along the way.

Driving true change for real results

Held to its planned schedule, the project debuted with a seamless go-live at the end of the support period, driving self-service, shared services and automation for employees across the enterprise, all in a measured approach. Their new HRSD solution continues to drive organizational change to support long-term HR goals including redefining their employee experience and boosting user adoption.

About This Case Study

A major healthcare system implemented a ServiceNow human resources service desk (HRSD) to enable modern capabilities for employee services.




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