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  • octubre 02, 2019
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Wait a second. Did you feel it? The future just happened. Today you can check the progress of your exercise regime, note your heart rate during last night’s sleep, and confirm your upcoming dental appointment. All on your mobile phone. You couldn’t accomplish any of that five years ago. Digital transformation is personal. We feel it’s effects on a fundamental level. Moreover, innovation is so rapid that what was nice-to-have yesterday, quickly becomes a must-have today. Shakespeare said it best, “What’s past is prologue.”

At NTT DATA, we take great pride in looking to the future. It’s part of our company’s DNA. That is why we have built on the popularity of our recent WAKEUP video series and extended that vision into the industries we serve. Following the same format, we’ve included brief, episodic videos that highlight how exponential technologies will transform the telecommunications, insurance, healthcare, banking, and automotive industries. There’s a new cast of characters, and each episode features a journey into the future, followed by insight from our industry executives. Welcome to the future.


Telecommunications at a crossroads

For nearly two centuries, the telecommunications industry was the trend-setter for innovation. Telegraph and telephones were the first to transmit signals across electrical systems, which laid the groundwork for digital transformation. However, the industry that at one time set the pace of digital innovation has now fallen behind. In this series, we follow Simon, a telco executive who is offered a vision of the future. In the series’ three episodes, he explores data storage, cloud and visualization, privacy and security—and the promise of new markets.


Health, life, auto and the future of insurance

Like many industries, the insurance sector is ripe for digital innovation. As more people become digital-dependent, the ability for insurers to respond has become a challenge. Welcome to the future. In the video series Care: Awakening of the Insurance Industry, Jacob, an insurance executive is introduced to a world in the not-too-distant future where there is a seamless relationship between people, technology and the world in which we live. With the help of a virtual assistant, Jacob can envision how sensors and the Internet of Things will play in everyday life. In this world, health, auto and other types of insurance policies can adapt to a person’s habits or life choices in real-time. Also, much like today, the continued threat of data breaches will bring robust, instantaneous cybersecurity into sharp focus.


A fundamental shift in healthcare

What if we all started thinking of healthcare as WellCare? In NTT DATA’s vision of the future, that’s exactly what’s possible. In this episodic series, a healthcare executive named Karen is led by a virtual assistant to a world where healthcare is about monitoring and preventing disease or illness, rather than treating it. In the future, this approach is informed by sensors and IoT expertise, and access to electronic health records that are not only secure but readily accessible to care providers, no matter the plan. IoT, connectivity and cybersecurity can enable a new era of predictive medicine. Successful players in the healthcare industry can’t afford to be complacent—it’s time to evaluate the past and adequately predict the future. That’s why “Life: Awakening of the Healthcare Industry,” is a must-see.


A seamless commerce experience, based on trust

It’s not hard to imagine a future free of paper money. Most transactions today don’t involve the transfer of cash. In fact, there are entire cities that have become devoted to a cashless environment. The bank of tomorrow can’t resemble the bank of today. Trust: Awakening of the Banking Industry explores the transformation of commerce and finance. In the series of three videos, we meet Ruth, a banking industry executive who is guided through a cashless world where AI and IoT have redefined the retail experience, and digital technology has completely innovated commerce. It’s a future in which traditional banks now act as trusted assistants. And trust — the epicenter of the banking industry — will depend on cutting-edge cybersecurity.


Beyond the dashboard, a glimpse into the future of autonomous travel

One need only look through the windshield to imagine the future of the automobile industry. In Move: Awakening of the Auto Industry, Frank, an auto industry executive, takes viewers on a ride into the future. His virtual assistant shows him how artificial intelligence and machine learning will make autonomous vehicles safer and more efficient, as the industry adapts to travel conditions and thoroughfares in real-time. Automobile design has always had one foot firmly planted in the future, and NTT DATA’s vision includes smart cars that communicate with each other, redefining mobility to be worry-free. Frank’s experience is augmented by interviews with real-life NTT DATA and industry experts. Join us and explore our leading automotive industry services.


As you can see, at NTT DATA, we’re excited about our collective future, and the benefits we all will enjoy through the digital transformation of these critical industries. We invite you to share our vision and let us help you create your future, through our insight and innovative solutions.

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Kris Fitzgerald

Kris Fitzgerald is chief technology officer for NTT DATA Services. He leads the company’s global Intelligent Automation technology strategy. In addition, Kris leads client innovation programs, leveraging NTT Group R&D and related investments to enhance service delivery and business outcomes for our clients. Kris has over 40 years of progressive experience in IT, spanning industries from retail to telecom, digital banking Transfer to commercial and others. Kris currently serves as a member of the University of Texas, Jonsson School of Engineering and Computer Science Executive Council and is a contributor to Forbes Technology Council.

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