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NTT DATA Services CaterSoft Case Study

You have to admire event organisers in the UK, who, despite the unpredictability of the country’s summers – always the busiest period in event management – still manage to bring in £42.3 billion a year.

With an industry of this size, it’s hardly surprising that IT is making its mark. Organisers big and small are using online catering software to help plan and deliver the events under their control. A leader in the field of online catering software is CaterSOFT. The company’s technology supports individuals or groups, whether they’re arranging a buffet for 20 people or a wedding for 200.

When tradition needs to change and the cloud provides the answer

CaterSOFT takes the pain away from event organising, providing a single, online location from which to manage everything from planning menus and tasks to invoicing suppliers. Yet CaterSOFT found it hard to ensure that customers had access to their data around the clock. There was occasional downtime of up to 24 hours while IT staff tackled software issues in the data centre.

“If our solution is offline at all, our customers suffer,” says Bhanu Kalagara, the technical director for CaterSOFT. “Kitchen teams don’t know what orders they need to prepare or what new orders are coming in. It’s disastrous for their clients, and for us.”

Ensuring that availability proved challenging for CaterSOFT, which hosted its software in a data centre. “We had to maintain all the hardware ourselves, so when there were any issues, we had to physically go to the data centre and change the servers ourselves,” says Kalagara. “That caused anywhere from 4 to 24 hours of solution downtime, which was unacceptable to our customers.”

CaterSOFT also wanted to more easily boost capacity. “If we had a big surge in demand from customers, it wasn’t fast or simple for us to meet that demand because of the data centre model,” says Kalagara.

The company turned to NTT DATA, which proposed the NTT DATA Cloud on Demand service. The NTT DATA service would provide a high availability infrastructure that was easy to scale up and down. The solution is managed by Six Degrees Group, an NTT DATA partner that provides cloud computing and IT solutions.

Today, CaterSOFT keep its software available 24x7 and has eliminated downtime around its service. Furthermore:

  • CaterSOFT can scale capacity in response to user demand. It no longer takes hours to increase compute power – instead the IT team can add CPUs in minutes
  • The company saves 30 percent on operating costs and is spending significantly less time maintaining the infrastructure.
  • CaterSOFT has accelerated business growth since moving to the NTT DATA cloud. It can launch new products faster thanks to the flexibility and agility of the infrastructure.

Any senior executive presented with a meal like that would surely come away feeling satisfied.

Read this short case study to learn why CaterSOFT chose NTT DATA Cloud on Demand.

Fecha de publicación: 12/10/2017