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In modernization projects we typically come across solutions ranging from really clever and, at the time, forefront technologies to home grown arcane infrastructure components. As time and technology catch up, the own developed solutions often lack in features, and integration and continued maintenance is often challenging. 

The number of available technologies to produce either a web application or a mobile-enabled application keeps growing every day. The modern frameworks have eliminated many of the technical aspects of the infrastructure and hence allow organizations to focus more on relevant content and functionality rather than coding infrastructure components.

One question I always enjoy entertaining is:

Given what you know about your business and take all  available technology into considerations how would you shape your solution today if you could start from scratch? 

Once you start to think about modernization from scratch, this can give an idea of a desired end-state for your modernization journey. If carefully planned and executed incrementally the impact on the daily business  can be reduced to almost nothing. Before starting a modernization journey the organization and senior management need to be proper prepared to embrace the upcoming changes.

NTT DATA can provide strategic guidance and project execution for your Modernization Journey.

Fecha de publicación: 14/10/2013